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Artworks purchased on Painter Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet's website can be delivered worldwide from Paris, France. Transport is offered to France and European countries. It is nevertheless chargeable for all other countries, in particular because of customs fees.


Paintings purchased online will be dispatched securely to the buyer, depending on their country and city of residence, either :

  • by recorded, signed-for and inclusive of insurance COLISSIMO parcel service, operated by La Poste (the French Post Office). The delivery address will be that specified by the client on his order form. Should delivery fail due to absence or illness of the buyer, they will receive a card confirming the attempted delivery, and which will allow them to collect their parcel from the nearest Post Office, within 2 weeks.
    Should the client have any reservations with regards to the contents of or any concerns about damage to their parcel, they should follow the Colissimo procedure for claims for damages, and notify the Artist of any issue.
  • via a professional tranporter or courier such as DHL for deliveries outside France :
    Given the value of these paintings, it should be noted that they will only be delivered to the buyer in person unless the buyer has duly notified the Artist in writing (including by email) of the full name of any person authorised to take delivery of their painting on their behalf (e.g spouse, landlord etc). The Artist will accept no liability for the loss or theft of the order, unless this requirement has been adhered to.
    In the case of a delivery arranged via a professional courier, the buyer will be requested to provide the Artist with a preferred date and time, in order to ensure safe delivery.
  • Should the Client chose to collect their painting in person (e.g as in the case of a purchase during an exhibition), they will be requested to sign a form, countersigned by the Artist, certifying that they have collected their painting(s).

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The Artist commits to deliver their order to the Client as soon as cleared payment has been received into her account i.e as soon as practicable for orders paid for online via PAYPAL, and within a maxiumm of 2 weeks after clearance of the payment, for payments by cheque or BACS. (*)

The Artist cannot accept any liability for delays caused by La Poste (in the case of a dispatch via Colissimo) or any other transporter.

In order that the delivery process can be made as smooth as possible, the client is kindly requested to ensure that:

  • They provide detailed and accurate information when placing their order, in particular with respect to the address for delivery. The Artist will accept no responsibility for problems stemming from erroneous details supplied by the Client, or for any subsequent delay or error in the delivery. In such cases, the costs associated with the safe return of the order to the Artist would be borne by the Client ;
  • They are fully satisfied that the condition and contents of their parcel are as expected. Any concerns should be recorded on the delivery note at the time of delivery. The Artist will accept no liability unless this requirement is adhered to.

Finally, the Artist reserves the right to refuse delivery of an order where the Client has failed to pay for a previous order in full, or where a prior payment is under litigation.

(*) Exception : Should the painting purchased by the Client be part of a public exhibition at the time, delivery will be arranged as soon as possible following the end of such exhibition. In such cases, the buyer will be informed accordingly by email or by post.


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