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The story behind:

Life is like a wildflower that lives only two of our four seasons. It blooms in spring, a magical moment of grace, to flourish, hardy, under the sun of Amon. Then it wilts, withers, on a brown autumn day... And nothing replaces it when winter has come.

In this land of ice, of confused memories that no sun embraces, hope seems lost. Unless a rainbow comes to light up the space and draw again the alliance of the Beginning... the one made to Noah, somewhere near a mountain, a sign of renewal.

Life is a flower, lighter than a feather; I call it 'Happiness' for it does not last. It is a fragile flower, living far from the asphalt, whose stem is cut, but does not complain: if its stem is cut, its green bird wings are only offered... for life is a gift!

In the autumn of my life, I still dream of an eternal spring where hope would bloom, a pledge of blue tomorrows. 'Renaissance' is the name I chose for this collection, as a nod to my favorite period of history, because it is marked by creativity and renewal. It represents both the lost paradise and the Promised Land, the Elysian fields, the gardens of Arcadia... the rediscovered Eden, a place of all possibilities!

Each painting invites the viewer to daydream in a fairy garden bathed in iridescent light. In this garden, there is a rule: take care of each moment like a fragile flower, as happiness is made of only ephemeral moments put into bunches...

In the manner of Pierre de Ronsard, I invite you, through this collection, to stop, for a moment, the frenzied race of Time and relive your most beautiful spring days: 'Live, if you believe me, do not wait for tomorrow: Gather today the roses of life.' (*)

Carpe Diem!

(*) : Pierre de Ronsard, Sonnets for Helen


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