"Lightness of a bird that does not need to sing to own the forest - not even one tree."
Christian Bobin


If my colors were words... I would write them with a feather! My collection "poetic fictions" is composed of abstract works inspired by the concept that is most dear to me: "freedom"; hence the regular reference to birds and ships, but also brushes movements that seem to dance on the canvas and trying to fly to get rid of weightlessness.

Because my artistic work is based on the thirst for liberty and the pursuit of harmony, colors that I use and associate all have a special meaning and my paintings always have a strong symbolic value, that you will discover, either by looking at the painting or decrypting its title...

Why am I talking about "poetic fictions"? Because in my eyes, true poetry is in the eye and heart of the beholder. It is - like imagination - the ability to feel and see beyond things...

Eliora Bousquet


"Eliora, You have strong inner visions, beautiful intensive colours and you can put them in great art! All the best for you and your artworks!"
Susheeela R.

"Jeanne's Promise is a wonderful painting! All your work is outstanding!!!"
Mark T.

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