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In order to provide the audiences of her website, blog, newsletter and various social media accounts with contents tailored to their specific profiles and expectations, Painter Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet invites you to discover the types of content displayed on each media. Nota Bene: most of social accounts opened from 2010 on have been closed during the partial redesigning of the Artist's website and have been available again since 07/07/2023. Thanks for your understanding.

Social networks where Eliora Bousquet displays her paintings and news


Go to Eliora Bousquet's Website www.e-bousquet.com

Main Theme: Painting

Main goals: To present my work, my background, my artistic approach, and my detailed references.

Audience: General public

Published Content:

  • My collections of paintings (photos, introductory texts, videos, sources of inspiration, artworks in progress, etc.)
  • Updates on my current activities (exhibitions, art competitions, publications, upcoming events, etc.)
  • Press reviews and art criticism of my work
  • My references (past exhibitions, key figures, new partners, etc.)
  • Thematic FAQ pages
  • A guestbook
  • .../...

Note: All content published by third parties (including comments on the paintings and the guestbook) is moderated and therefore published retrospectively.


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Main Theme: Painting

Main goals: Presenting my work in advance to my subscribers, offering them exclusives (promotions, private sales), gifts, and sharing my blog articles.

Audience: All subscribers to my newsletter

Published Content:

  • Presentation of my latest paintings and other creations
  • Detailed stories behind my artworks
  • Invitations to my exhibitions, private sales and other events
  • Special offers 
  • Obline contests
  • .../...

Note: As I've re-designed my website and changed many softwares the english version of my newsletter will be available soon.


Visit Eliora Bousquet's Instagram accountart_eliora_bousquet

Main Themes: Painting, Creations, Decoration, Fashion, Creative Universe

Main goals: Presenting, particularly, the interior decoration and fashion articles derived from my paintings and illustrations.

Audience: Women (primarily)

Published Content:

NB: The number of followers displayed on my page (15K) is false which seems logical given that I re-opened my account recently: I was contacted by a fake online art magazine which offered to promote my work on its pages and in fact sent me more than 14K fake profiles sending me ads all day long.... I will be more careful next time. In the meantime, I have blocked all comments on my posts, because I really don't have time to waste deleting ads and messages asking me where I live and what my professional activity is !!!



Visit Eliora Bousquet's Facebook account (page)ArtElioraBousquetPro

Main Themes: Painting and Creations

Main goals: Presenting my latest artworks, other creations and artistic exhibitions and projects, showcasing my creative universe, and sharing my references.

Audience: General public

Published Content:

  • Artistic updates (new paintings and other creations, public exhibitions, private sales, other art projects, publications, art criticism, etc.)
  • Creation process and stories behind my artworks
  • Blog articles, reports, and interviews
  • Online contests and special offers
  • .../...


Visit Eliora Bousquet's Facebook account (profile)BousquetEliora

Main Themes: Painting and Creations

Main goals: To engage with other artists, particularly within thematic groups, and develop my artistic network. To present my paintings and artistic universe to those interested in my work. To keep my friends informed about my latest updates.

Audience: All audiences, but primarily my artist friends and professionals within the art industry.

Published Content:

  • Updates on my activities (new collections, invitations to public exhibitions, participation in competitions, calls for projects, etc.)
  • Showcasing my paintings (photos, videos, creative process steps, storytelling, etc.)
  • Blog articles (highlighting favorite artists, tutorials, tips, etc.)
  • Curating artistic content (exhibitions by other artists to visit, recommendations for new tested art materials, books, etc.)
  • Products featuring my paintings and illustrations (interior decoration, fashion clothing and accessories, office supplies, etc.)
  • Thought-provoking quotes related to art, the beauty of our world, freedom, music, and all my favorite sources of inspiration...

X [ ex TWITTER ] (FR + EN)

Visit Eliora Bousquet's Twitter accountElioraBousquet

Main Theme: Painting and Creations

Main goals: Sharing my latest paintings and artistic projects, conducting industry research (art market), expanding my professional network (including art critics and journalists).

Audience: Individuals interested in my work

Published Content:

  • Updates (new collections of paintings, press reviews, publications, art criticism, art competitions, new partnerships, projects, references and key figures, etc.)
  • Invitations to my exhibitions and other events
  • Blog articles featuring my favorite artists, reports, and interviews, art tutorials
  • Curating artistic content (recommendations for visiting other artists' exhibitions, suggested readings, innovations, etc.)
  • .../...


Visit Eliora Bousquet's Linkedin accountarteliorabousquet

Main Theme: Painting

Main goals: Expanding my professional network, growing my activities, finding new partners and conducting industry research on the painting market.

Audience: Members of my professional network (gallery owners, event organizers, art critics, journalists, etc.) and other artists. My LinkedIn account is open but not intended for the general public.

Published Content:

  • Updates (exhibitions, new collections, new services, projects, etc.)
  • Articles, interviews, and reports on painting 
  • Communication, marketing, and web marketing tutorials for artists
  • Products from my line of office supplies
  • Curating content on the theme of painting and art in general
  • .../...

Note: I primarily communicate with members of my network through private messages. If you would like to get in touch with me, please connect with me on LinkedIn (send an invitation) or send me an email through my contact form.


Visit Eliora Bousquet's Youtube accountBousqueteliora

Main Themes: Painting and Creations

Main goals: My YouTube channel is currently intended for hosting videos that can be later embedded on my website and blog, or shared on social media platforms. That's why comments and likes are disabled. However, you can share your opinions about my paintings and creations on my website (descriptive pages of the artworks). Feel free to ask me questions via my contact form as well.

Audience: General audience

Published Content:

  • Videos showcasing my thematical collections of paintings
  • Videos documenting the creation process of my artworks
  • Videos featuring my paintings placed in various settings
  • Videos of my personal painting exhibitions
  • Videos showcasing home decoration and fashion items derived from my paintings and illustrations
  • .../...


Visit Eliora Bousquet's Pinterest accountArtElioraBousquet

Main Theme: Style Notebook

Main goals: Presenting photos of everything that inspires me in my creative work as an Artist-Painter and Illustrator.

Audience: General audience

Published Content:

  • My main sources of inspiration (photos, videos) related to my favorite themes: #nature #sky #birds #flowers #sea #sailing #coralreefs #asia #dance #stones
  • My favorites in #art #creation #painting #drawing #sculpture #decoration #fashiontion #fashion
  • Thought-provoking quotes related to art, the beauty of our world, freedom, music,...


As a general rule, I publish posts every other day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (1 painting in situation + 1 associated quote or the steps of creation of this painting + 1 product derived from this painting).

While I have time to overhaul all of my promotional materials, I will also soon publish once a month: the history of my paintings, 1 blog article about painting, an artist interview, a tutorial or an offer of services .

Every year, on 09/09, the anniversary of the launch of my website, I publish special offers for the purchase of my paintings and you will soon be able to participate in online competitions to win a few...

There you go, you know everything! :-)


In order to showcase my paintings and collections of home decoration and fashion items, especially on my website, art blog and social networks, I use DTP tools and often call on the talents of many photographers and graphic designers whose names you will find on my page "Legal Terms" in the section "Photo credits - Video - Music", making their visuals available on specialized databases.

Besides these talented artists (photographers, graphic designers), I especially thank the designers of the following tools: ADOBE (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, SPARK), MICROSOFT (Powerpoint, Sway,...), ENVATO/PLACE IT, BE FUNKY, GENIALLY, ZAZZLE CREATE, CANVA, MAGISTO, PNG TREE, PIXABAY,...

 Tou will find more information on my page "FAQ: Social Networks".


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