EDITORIAL CHARTER (Website, blog and social networks)

In order to provide the audiences of my website, blog, newsletter and various social media accounts with contents tailored to their specific profiles and expectations,  I invite you to discover the types of content displayed on each medium. Nota Bene: most of social accounts opened from 2010 on have been closed during the partial redesigning of my website. Thanks for your understanding.


  • My collections of paintings (pictures, texts of introduction to my sources of inspiration, videos...)
  • Products derived from my paintings (fashion, decoration, tableware, etc.)
  • Two online shops (paintings + art by-products)
  • News (exhibitions and other upcoming events)
  • My press review
  • My references (past exhibitions, key figures, partners, etc.)
  • Thematic FAQ pages
  • A guestbook


Access: www.blog-art-eliora.com

  • Advice and tips for artists (painting, drawing)
  • Articles, reports and interviews highlighting the work of artists that I appreciate


  • Presentation of my latest creations in preview
  • Invitations to my exhibitions
  • Early birds and special offers reserved for my subscribers and customers
  • Online contests

The english version will be available soon.

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PRO ACCOUNT: Bousqueteliora

  • Videos of my thematic painting collections of paintings
  • Videos of my paintings in progress
  • Videos of the collections of products derived from my paintings (fashion, decoration,..)



  • My paintings, staged in specific settings
  • My other creations derived from these paintings (Women apparel and fashion accessories, interior decoration items, tableware, office items, high-tech products and leisure)
  • Dressy quotes dedicated to medidate on the beauty of our world, on the powerful concept of freedom and everything else that makes up my universe


PRO ACCOUNT: ArtElioraBousquet

  • Sources of inspiration (pictures, videos) related to my passions: #nature #sky #birds #flowers #sea #sailboats #coralreefs #asia #dance #stones
  • #Art #creation #painting #drawing #sculpture #decoration #fashion


PRO PAGE: ArtElioraBousquet

  • Artistic news (new paintings and creations, upcoming exhibitions, ...)
  • Online Contests

PROFILE: eliora.bousquet

  • Let's share our sources of inspiration and passions (photos, videos, texts, quotes, projects,…) around what constitutes my universe: #art #creation #painting # liberty #nature #sky #birds #flowers #sea #coralreefs # sailboats #dance #classicmusic #jazz
  • Curation of artistic content (exhibitions of other artists to visit, suggestions of books, etc.)


PRO ACCOUNT: BousquetEliora

  • Invitations to my exhibitions and other events
  • Other announcements (press review, key figures, etc.)
  • Articles promoting the work of artists that I appreciate
  • Curation of artistic content (exhibitions of other artists to visit, suggestions of books, etc.)


PRO ACCOUNT: /in/arteliorabousquet/

  • This account is reserved for members of my professional network. It is intended to develop my artistic and other activities (communication, digital and marketing), find new partners,etc.
  • I communicate there primarily through private messages. Therefore I post very little content on my feed. Thanks for your understanding ;-)


The names of the photographers whose photos I used are mentioned in detail in the Legal Terms section.


"Eliora, You have strong inner visions, beautiful intensive colours and you can put them in great art! All the best for you and your artworks!"
Susheeela R.

"Jeanne's Promise is a wonderful painting! All your work is outstanding!!!"
Mark T.

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