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Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet answers your questions regarding her line of Women's apparel (T-shirts, dresses and scarves). For more information, contact the artist!

Are your clothes offered in one size fits all?

Generally, no. When you select a fashion item in my shop, you have the option to choose from several sizes, ranging from 2XS to 4XL, depending on the product.

Only scarves and shawls are always offered in one size.

What is the length of your tight dresses?

These are short dresses, printed on both sides on polyester fabric.

They are available in sizes 2XS to XL but are more suitable for teenagers or young women.

I only design these dresses to order.

Are your A-line dresses for women or teenagers?

Because they are available in sizes 2XS to 4XL, these dresses can be worn by both women and teenagers.

They can also be styled as tunics, paired with pants.

They are printed on both sides on polyester fabric (96%) and are very easy to maintain.

From what size are the round-neck t-shirts available? Do you make size 36?

They are available from size S (equivalent to a 36) to size 3XL. Please note that they are made of 100% cotton.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Is it possible to have a women's t-shirt in size XS with double-sided printing?

For the size, yes: the "Modern Tee" women's t-shirts made of 100% polyester are available in sizes XS to XL.

However, this model is only printed on the front (recto). The back (verso) is solid black or white, depending on the colors of the painting you choose.

Are the t-shirts printed on both sides?

It depends on the models. For more details, I invite you to check the information provided under the product thumbnails in my merchandise shop.

Racerback tank tops for women (Sports racers) and sport tank tops for women, for example, are printed on both sides. However, generally speaking, only the front side is printed on t-shirts and other tops.

Why is one of your t-shirts called "Relax"?

It is the name given by its manufacturer to a 100% cotton short-sleeved t-shirt. It features a wide and flared round neckline and has a relaxed, flowing fit.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Are your mini skirts elastic and one-size-fits-all?

They are elastic (no zipper or other closure system) and available in sizes 2XS to 2XL.

For your information, they are printed on both sides on polyester fabric (88%). I only produce them on demand.

Are your racerback tank tops printed on the front only, and what color is the back?

The racerback tank tops are printed on both the front and back.

I offer a choice of white or black neckline, or a neckline that matches a specific part of the artwork, depending on the colors used in the printed design on the tank tops.

However, I am available to potentially change these colors or print the tank tops on the back only, if desired.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line


Why are the premium t-shirts more expensive than the others?

The t-shirts are called "Premium" because they are delivered in zippered protective bags, making them ideal for gifting.

Premium women's t-shirt model by Eliora Bousquet

These high-quality, fitted cotton t-shirts can be worn in a stylish and casual manner, under a jacket or a sweater.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

I would like a long-sleeved women's t-shirt with your painting "The Blossoming of Life 153". Is it possible to create it?

I'd love to! However, currently, I can only apply a portion of my artwork on women's long-sleeve t-shirts. The front cannot be printed across the entire surface.

I will do my best to find a manufacturer offering this type of model as soon as possible.

Are the sleeveless tops printed on both sides?

No, only the front side is printed. The back side is either black or white, depending on the colors of the reproduced paintings.

Do you make basic t-shirts with a V-neck?

Yes, there is a short-sleeved model made of 100% cotton, which is body-hugging, and another one made of jersey fabric, which is fitted.

Both models are available in sizes S to 2XL.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

What is a "Duo Top"?

"TDuo Top" is the name given by the manufacturer to short tunics for women made of lightweight, slightly transparent polyester chiffon (100%). The front is printed, while the back is a solid color (black or white).

These flowy models are available in sizes XS to 2XL.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line


Do the short tunics called "Mini Tops" or "Essential Tops" come in larger sizes?

Yes, they are available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

I really like your jersey t-shirts, but I find that the white one looks too basic. Can I have this t-shirt in a different color? For example, blue?

This option is available for some specific t-shirt models, particularly those manufactured by ZAZZLE.

When you click on the page of the t-shirt model linked to the painting you are interested in, you can select not only the size but also the color of your choice from the available options before adding the t-shirt to the cart (see screenshot below):

Image showing the color selection for Eliora Bousquet's women's jersey t-shirts

If a color is crossed out, it means that it is currently unavailable (but it may be available in the future, depending on the manufacturer's possibilities).

Visitez mes boutiques en ligne !

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Why do you only offer t-shirts and other basics? Do you find it elegant?

My goal in declining some of my paintings into a ready-to-wear clothing line is to have my artwork accompany people's everyday lives, rather than being confined to a wall. Ready-to-wear fashion has an incredibly vibrant quality to it: it is constantly moving, reflecting a young, hybrid, cosmopolitan, creative, and hopeful culture. It is also highly accessible to all kinds of people, especially the younger generation. Therefore, I wanted my clothing line to reflect the energy, movement, and dynamism of the vibrant colors I use in each of my artworks.

As for elegance, it is all about good taste, combining materials, shapes, and colors. Sometimes, a t-shirt worn with well-fitted jeans, high heels, and a few accessories can be more stylish than an ill-fitting suit.

Ensembles de vêtements pour femmes signés Eliora Bousquet

Additionally, with the ongoing period of confinement due to the "Covid-19" epidemic that we have unfortunately been experiencing for over a year, comfort and "cocooning" have become paramount in fashion. Basics have gained more legitimacy in our wardrobes as comfort takes precedence over everything else.

Modèle de t-shirt basique pour femme signé Eliora Bousquet

I hope that the young, especially the young at heart, those untouched by time, will rediscover a part of their youth and carefree spirit with my collection of basics. Carpe Diem! :-)

What types of scarves do you make?

I design:

  • silk squares
  • polyester squares
  • cashmere-silk scarves
  • modal scarves
  • cashmere scarves
  • merino wool scarves
  • cotton scarves
  • jersey scarves
  • bandanas
  • sarongs
  • wool ponchos

One of your paintings caught my attention, and I would like to have the matching scarf, but I don't see it anywhere. How can I get it? Can I order just one?

That's normal. I have painted over a thousand artworks, and (to date) I have only turned around thirty of them into derivative products.

If you would like a specific derivative product based on one of my paintings, it is entirely possible, and it does not commit you to anything. Simply contact me, indicating which painting interests you and which item you would like to obtain. Then, subject to technical feasibility (as some designs may need to adapt correctly to the templates), I will create your product and make it available for sale within 24 hours. You will then be free to purchase it in my shop, but you are not obligated to do so if you change your mind!

This custom service is completely free. Don't hesitate to reach out!s !

What is the size of your cashmere-silk scarves? How can they be washed?

From Eliora Bousquet's scarf collection:

The cashmere (80%) and silk (20%) scarves measure 203 x 80 cm.

It is recommended to dry clean them to preserve the vibrancy of the colors. However, after testing, you can also hand wash them in cold water, adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, which helps prevent dark colors from bleeding.

I would like to purchase a silk square, but I land on a 404 page. What does that mean?

I apologize for the inconvenience. Indeed, it is currently not possible to purchase certain derivative products on my website since March 2020. Due to the "COVID-19" health crisis, my manufacturers, located in the USA, Australia, and Ireland, have limited access to their respective shops, as the supply chains for raw materials, manufacturing, and transportation have been disrupted or even impossible.

The messages indicating "404 pages" (i.e., "page not found") are displayed temporarily to inform customers that it is not possible to purchase certain products. Of course, these 404 pages will be removed once the products are available for sale again. Thank you for your understanding.

What is a "modal" scarf?

Modal is a type of lightweight viscose fabric of natural origin. It is a very soft and smooth fabric, even after multiple washes.

Can Merino wool scarves be washed?

Yes, but only in cold water (or dry cleaned) to avoid felting the wool.

What is the size of your bandanas?

The standard size is 55.8 x 55.8 cm.

They are made of 100% cotton, and my paintings are printed across the entire surface.

Are the cotton scarves short or long?

They are long (198 cm) and provide good coverage like shawls (width: 71 cm).

What size are your polyester square scarves ?

They measure 140 x 140 cm.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line

Are the cashmere scarves lined?

No, only the Merino wool scarves are lined.


What material are your sarongs made of? Can they be worn for swimming?

The sarongs are made of 100% cotton.

While you can wear them for swimming, I do not recommend it as the saltwater may fade the colors.

Paréos de plage créés par Eliora Bousquet

Additionally, you can also wear your sarong as a scarf, as shown in the second-to-last photo above.

How are the jersey scarves worn?

They are worn wrapped around the neck, as they are fabric loops.


Can the ponchos be worn over a coat or jacket? And are there sizes available for teenagers? My daughter is 15 years old, and I would like to give her one for her birthday.

Yes, the ponchos can be worn over any type of clothing, thick or thin. They are not traditional ponchos with a neckline (like Peruvian ponchos), but rather scarf-like capes.

There is no closure or button, so you can simply place a brooch wherever you prefer for the desired look (see model in the image above). You can also wear it with a wide belt... it's up to you!

Example of an open poncho:

Modèle de poncho en laine d'Eliora Bousquet

The poncho is available in one size, which is suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

Please note that the ponchos are made of 100% wool, so it is recommended to dry clean them to avoid felting and preserve the colors.

I only design ponchos to order.

What do you mean by "kimono shirts"?

They are lightweight over-shirts made of 100% viscose, which can be worn over a tank top, sweater, dress, etc., with or without a belt.

Very comfortable to wear, they are machine washable at low temperature (30°C) and can be ironed.

They are available in 3 sizes, with varying lengths.

I only make them to order.

What kind of fabric are long kimonos made of?

They are made of Bemberg (100%) fabric; it is similar to chiffon.

I only design them to order.

I saw on your website and on YouTube videos featuring women's t-shirts and sneakers, but I can't find them in your store anymore. Is it a technical bug?

No, it's not a technical issue. I have simply removed some products from my shop because the manufacturers were no longer able to deliver them (due to the COVID-19 crisis).

Do you offer matching clothing and bags? It's for a wedding :-)


When I create a new collection, I usually offer the same artwork in various types of items, such as the examples below.

Cependant, si un des articles que vous souhaitez n'était pas disponible, n'hésitez pas à me demander de le concevoir.

Do you make two-piece swimsuits?

No, but a brand new collection will be available soon.

Currently, I offer one-piece swimsuits, which are made to order.

Price (incl. tax): 55 € (delivery managed directly by the manufacturer).

For your information, these swimsuits are:

  • made of polyester (82%) and spandex (18%)
  • available in sizes S to XL
  • printed on both the front and back.

Modèles de maillots de natation signés Eliora bousquet

Do your belt buckles come in a round shape?

By default, I offer them in an oval or rectangular shape.

However, I can design the specific model you want in a round shape, upon request. Just let me know your requirements (name of the painting) via email. No additional fees will be charged for your order since the design will be exclusively made for you.



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