7 scheduled events
121 days of exhibition


  • Paris 3° (France), from May 1 to 31 (31 days)
    Group Exhibition "Art, The Artist and Passion"
    Galerie Art'&Miss
    My 150th exhibition!
  • Cesenatico (Italy), from July 5 to August 31 (58 days)
    Group Exhibition + Ceremony of awards
    "1° Premio Leonardo da Vinci 2019"
    Hotels Miramare & New Bristol
  • Zurich (Switzerland), from August 15 to 19 (5 days)
    Artbox.Project Zürich 1.0 // "Swiss Art Expo 2019" Art Fair
    SBB Event Hall
  • Amsterdam (The Netherlands), from August 30 to 31 (2 days)
    "Amsterdam International Art Fair 2019"
    Beurs Van Berlage
  • Paris 3° (France), September (2 days)
    Showroom introducing my fashion and interior decoration by-products
    Galerie Art'&Miss
  • Monte Carlo (Principaty of Monaco), from Sept. 28 to October 1 (4 days)
    "Monaco Yacht Show 2019"

My solo exhibitions are free, but entry fees usually apply on art fairs. To get an invitation, please feel free to send me an email! For practical information, please subscribe to my newsletter!

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