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The website www.e-bousquet.com and all of its contents (paintings, texts, technical and functional specifications, etc.) are the property of Painter Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet. Any reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited. The contents of the website are moderated. This means that the comments posted are published only after control and acceptance, in order to maintain the level of quality and consistency expected by the Artist.


The website and its registered domain is operated by Elisabeth Eliora BOUSQUET, hereafter called "The artist", whom you may contact at the following address :

Elisabeth Eliora BOUSQUET
31, avenue de Laumière
75019 PARIS
SIREN/SIRET : 513 495 309 00017
APE : 9003A - Artistic Creation
Professional artist registered under
n°B180963 at "Maison des Artistes".

All materials on “the Website” (including the domain name, paintings and collections titles, designs, pictures, written text, logotype, and registered trademarks) are provided by and remain the exclusive property of the artist.

Therefore, unless you receive the artist's prior written agreement, you may not :

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  • (artists) find inspiration in my paintings and texts to "create" your "own style"...;
  • modify or sell any such materials and ideas from the website, even partly;
  • under any circumstances remove any copyright or signature from any painting or any other document from the website.

Please note that all the artist's copyrights are managed by french organization ADAGP.

E.Bousquet® is a registered trademark, as is the black, white and purple logo, representing the initials of the Artist. All possible variations of this logo, be they in shape or colour, are also protected by a registered trademark.

The website (concept, content of all pages,...) and the domain name www.e-bousquet.com are also fully copyright-protected under:

Finally, please note that all works signed by the artist and published on the website are unique and original handmade pieces of fine art. Any unauthorized use of any materials contained on the website may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and communications regulations and be liable to prosecution.


  • Web Project Management, writing of the specifications, design briefing, webmastering & webmarketing
    Elisabeth Eliora BOUSQUET
  • Software, programming, technical maintenance & web hosting
    Fabien RELANDEAU et Eric MEZZANI
  • Web Design
    Stéphen VALLÉE
  • Paintings, drawings, creation of promotional docuemnts & writing of all texts
    Elisabeth Eliora BOUSQUET
  • Translations into english
    Hélène WATERS & Elisabeth Eliora BOUSQUET


Subscription to the artist's newsletter is entirely free of charge. It is aimed at providing information and advance notice of the artist's current and forthcoming exhibitions and private viewings, new work and creative projects. The newsletter may also from time to time offer the subscriber the chance to take part in competitions where they can win a lithograph or other prize by the artist.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure that any changes in their contact details are submitted either via the Subscription page, or by contacting the artist directly if they wish to continue receiving the artist's newsletter.


Broadcasting and Reproduction Rights of Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet's artworks are managed by ADAGP.

Adagp manages authors’ rights for Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet's works regarding the following uses:

  • Reproduction rights (books, posters, merchandising, postcards, leaflets, magazines and press, DVD etc..)
  • Rights of public communication (public exhibition, TV, movies, internet etc..)
  • Resale Rights (auctions and galleries sales)
  • Cable and satellite distribution
  • Private copying
  • Photocopying
  • Public lending

Any reproduction or communication to the public of Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet's artworks should be accompanied by the obligatory mention by-line:

© Adagp, Paris, Year


Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet has been designing and selling online reproductions and by-products derived from her paintings (mostly fashion and home decoration items) as an Affiliate Designer with:

Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet doesn't sell the products by herself but is allowed to promote them on her website and social networks.

Each time a product is sold, Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet earns a 10 to 30% Designer Commission from these companies.


  • The pictograms used were taken from the Thenounproject site. Many thanks to Designers: dDara, Sharon Showalter, SBTS, Adrien Coquet, Keller, Ben Davis, Kamalstb, Gatuso, Tezar Tantular, Saloni Sinha, Pejyt, Brand Mania, Vectors Point, Bahi, Alvaro Cabrera, Aybige, Deemak Daksina, Lnhi, Milinda Courey, Ker’is, Hada Arkanda, Monkik, Visual Glow, Noura Mbarki, Andrejs Kirma, Creative Mania, Sherrinford, Álvaro Y, Llisole, Umer Younas, Srinivas Agra, Rusma Ratri Handini.
  • The promotional supports and banners produced to feed Eliora Bousquet's social media accounts were produced with design softwares: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE INDESIGN, ADOBE SPARK, ENVATO, WIX, CANVA, ZAZZLE CREATE, MARA and BE FUNKY.
  • The videos were produced with MAGISTO.
  • The photographs used by Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet as photomontages (staging of her paintings in galleries or living room settings, dressing of quotes intended to reflect the artist's universe, ...) were either:
    • purchased under license from FOTOLIA, SHUTTERSTOCK, PNG TREE and PLACEIT;
    • uploaded from royalty-free photo databases, in particular:
      Bimiputra, Mohamed Hassan, Minh Pham, Kam Idris, Huy Phan, Milkovi, Tung Nguyen, MD Tipo Mia, Beazy, Kari Shea, Sandra Barros, Photographee.eu, Stefen Tan, Jon Nathon, Jun Lee Tky, Norbert Levajsics, Catherine Augustin, Vinicius Amano, coWomen, Breather, Creators Collective, Alyssa Strohmann, Yasmine Boheas, Curology, Grovemade, Darth Zuzanka, Paolo Lopez, Peter Skitterians, Jason Boyd, Alina Vilchenko, Pickawood, Virtua 73, Archideaphoto, Arquiplay77, Poligonchik, Mihalis A., Victor Zastol’skiy, Ioan Veres, George Mayer, Aleksey Kashin, Dmitry Koksharov, Mikhail Kalakutskiy, Uolir, Zubarciuc Dumitru, Giordano Aita, Auris, Julia Grankina, Paylessimages, Gina Smith, Chantal S., Krissu, Hofpils, Kirill Roslyakov, Photographer, David Humphrey, Denis Babenko, Hubert Marciniak, Zing Studio, 4Matic, iBird, Roseburn 3D Studio, Asparuh Stoyanov, Alexandre Zveiger, Antoha713, Graphic Artist, M. 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It is in the books that Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet finds most of her inspiration (poems, symbolism, study of ancient civilizations, history, mythology,...). You will find in the section "Bibliography" of page "Sources of inspiration", a list of books that she has read and that constitutes her sources when she tells the story behind her paintings.

Where necessary, this website occasionally refers to external online sources, including text, pictures and other material. The permission to use such material was, wherever possible, cleared with the rights-owners prior to the launch of the website, with the exception of some of the sources listed in the “Tributes section” (largely works of great masters of the past), due to the difficulties of identifying the rights-owners.

The artist Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet has also committed to seek artists and other people's permission to publish their textes, pictures, URL addresses and emails on this website.


In compliance with the provisions of article 34 of the French Act #78-17 dated January 6, 1978, governing information technology, use of data and rights to privacy, any automated processing of personal data which could be carried out through the Website is subject to a mandatory declaration to the "CNIL"(Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés - the French National Institute for Information Technology and Privacy Law).

Any personal data submitted by visitors via the Website (including, but not limited to, email address and other contact details) will remain strictly confidential, and will under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties, in any format. Such data will be used by the Artist solely to communicate information expressly requested by the user (e.g newsletter, invitation to take part in competitions etc), and not for marketing purposes.

In addition, subscribers who have submitted personal data through the Website have a right to access, modify, correct or delete any part of or all such data. They may do so at any time and without prior justification, by emailing subscribers.


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In an attempt to provide increased value to visitors, the Website may contain links to websites controlled by parties other than the Artist Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet. The Artist provides such links for the benefit of visitors to the Website, and as complementary information, and is not responsible for or endorses the contents of such third party websites.

Guestbook messages :
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Disclaimer :
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Written on 09/09/2009
In Paris, France
Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet


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