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The French-English Lexicon 'Internation'Art' written by Eliora Bousquet lists key terms and expressions in painting. This work aims to help artists, Fine Arts students, gallery owners, and other professionals in the Art field to develop their artistic activities internationally: organizing, hanging/unhanging and promoting exhibitions, welcoming audiences, selling artworks...

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Dear readers,

The French-English lexicon 'Internation'Art' lists key terms and expressions in painting, from learning different techniques to the conception and exhibition of artworks.

Primarily intended for artists, Fine Arts students, gallery owners, artistic events organizers, art critics, and other professionals in the Art field, this practical book is designed to help them develop their activities internationally, particularly in organizing, hanging/unhanging and promoting exhibitions, not to mention welcoming audiences and selling art works.

Beyond its practical function, this lexicon also aims to promote exchange and collaboration between artists from different countries and cultures. Indeed, painting is a universal discipline that transcends borders, and language should never be an obstacle to creation and sharing.

Author of educational books for Artists and Creators after a 18-year career as a Director in Communication, Digital and Marketing, I have also been carrying out various artistic projects as a professional painter (MDA) since 2009, under the pseudonym Eliora Bousquet.

Painting has always been my passion, and having had the opportunity to present my paintings in over 190 exhibitions in France and abroad, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with other artists, gallery owners, and various professionals in the art field, as well as students wishing to work in the painting industry on an international level.

The lexicon 'Internation'Art' aims to be as comprehensive as possible, but it is far from exhaustive. However, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of painting, I sincerely hope that this work will be a useful and easy-to-consult tool, to accompany you on a daily basis in your career and help you develop your activities. 

I wish you the greatest success in your artistic projects!

Best regards,

Elisabeth Eliora BOUSQUET


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