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The story behind:

As a passionate admirer of romantic poetry, particularly that of French poets such as Alphonse de Lamartine and Victor Hugo, as well as British poets such as William Wordsworth, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Keats, and Walt Whitman, I have designed my 'NATURESSENCES' collection as an ode to nature and its essence, both spiritual and rooted in tangible reality, hence the name combining the words 'nature' and 'essences.'

For romantic poets, nature, an omnipresent theme, is the means by which the Creator of all things manifests its magnificence. It embodies the perfection of its creation. Like the 'Garden of Eden', it is an idyllic, timeless place filled with serenity. It is a place of contemplation where one can dream, meditate, and reflect on the meaning of life, including man's place in the universe. In this place of contemplation, the materialism of the modern world, with its over-connection and lack of time for the sacred moments of silence, has no place.

Rhythmic with the four seasons, with spring being my favorite, this nature sings Life with a capital 'L'. For when one contemplates nature, one inevitably arrives at Truth. Thus, nature is also a Way, THE WAY. This nature is sacred.

To highlight this notion of life, I have painted each of my paintings with thick, knifed-on layers of paint, rather than using a brush, as in my other collections. However, despite this thick, structured material, the movements are dynamic and light, for life is never static.

A unifying theme between 'NATURESSENCES' and my other collections is the Wind, as a 'breath'. This creative breath that shapes landscapes, bends reeds without breaking them, and inspires poets to seek the secret meaning of things and bring it to light.

Through painting, through the magical medium of art, I hope once again to demonstrate the power and supremacy of Emotion over Reason. For, as French Writer Vauvenargues wrote, 'Reason deceives us more often than nature.'


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