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This website, registered under domain name was launched on 09/09/09 and redesigned on 07/07/16.


The website and its registered domain is operated by Elisabeth BOUSQUET (aka Eliora BOUSQUET), hereafter called "The artist", whom you may contact at the following address :

31, avenue de Laumière
75019 PARIS
SIREN/SIRET : 513 495 309 00017
APE : 9003A - Artistic Creation
Professional artist registered under
n°B180963 at "Maison des Artistes".

All materials on “the Website” (including the domain name, paintings reproductions, paintings and collections titles, designs, photographs, written text, logotype, and registered trademarks) are provided by and remain the exclusive property of the artist.

Therefore, unless you receive the artist's prior written agreement, you may not :

  • reproduce in any form or by any means, in part or entirely ;
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  • (artists) find inspiration in my paintings and texts to "create" your "own style"...;
  • modify or sell any such materials and ideas from the website, even partly;
  • under any circumstances remove any copyright or signature from any painting or any other document from the website.

E.Bousquet® is a registered trademark, as is the black, white and purple logo, representing the initials of the Artist. All possible variations of this logo, be they in shape or colour, are also protected by a registered trademark.

The website (concept, content of all pages,...) and the domain name are also fully copyright-protected under COPYRIGHTDEPOT numbers 00046741 and 00060070-1 (172 countries).

Finally, please note that all works signed by the artist and published on the website are unique and original handmade pieces of fine art. Any unauthorized use of any materials contained on the website may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and communications regulations and be liable to prosecution.


  • Web Project Management, writing of the specifications, design briefing, webmastering & webmarketing
    Elisabeth BOUSQUET
  • Software, programming, technical maintenance & web hosting
    Eric MEZZANI
  • Web Design and making of the graphical charter "E. BOUSQUET"
    Stéphen VALLÉE
  • Painting of the artworks, drawings, creation of promotional banners & writing of all texts
    Eliora BOUSQUET
  • Translations into english
    Hélène WATERS (BBC) & Elisabeth BOUSQUET


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Disclaimer :
The Artist cannot guarantee that :

  • the Website is at all times free from viruses, worms, or other destructive material. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that they have adequate and up-to-date protection against computer viruses or other such items of a destructive nature.
  • the information contained on the Website is at any one time fully accurate, complete or up to date ; the Website may contain technical inaccuracies or other small faults and the Artist does not undertake that any such faults will automatically be corrected.

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