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You will find on this page articles written by Art Critics, Art Historians, Journalists and Gallerists about Painter Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet's artworks. The texts are first presented in their original language in order not to distort the authors' metaphoric language by interpreting them. They are then translated and displayed in italics, for information.


Visuel présentant quelques critiques professionnelles du travail de l'artiste-peintre Eliora Bousquet

Ann Williams // Sam Art (Art Journalist - Art Muse Express - USA - 05/2024)

"Cosmosis: A Celestial Symphony by Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet"

Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet’s latest collection, “Cosmosis,” is a mesmerizing journey through the abstract realms of the universe, brought to life with fluid acrylic on canvas. This collection, rich in vibrant hues and intricate designs, is more than just a visual feast; it is a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of the cosmos and its Creator.

The name “Cosmosis” combines “Cosmos” and “Osmosis,” suggesting a harmonious blend of elements within the universe. This concept is vividly depicted in Eliora’s paintings, where each canvas represents an imaginary celestial landscape. Through the fluid acrylic pouring technique, she captures the dynamic and mysterious nature of the cosmos, creating works that invite viewers to explore the infinite mysteries of the universe.

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, galaxies swirl in an eternal dance, and it is within this celestial ballet that Eliora finds her inspiration. Her collection is a reflection of the unity and diversity of the universe, showcasing galaxies, constellations, and stars in a symphony of colors. Electric turquoise blues, deep petrol blues, soothing greens, and entrancing violets dominate her canvases, representing the vibrant energy of imaginary stars and nebulae. Accents of yellow cadmium and carmine red add warmth, creating a balance that mirrors the harmony of the cosmos.

Each painting in the “Cosmosis” collection is an invitation to delve into the profound abstraction of the universe. Eliora’s use of color and form captures the essence of celestial bodies, transforming the canvas into a portal through which viewers can embark on a poetic journey beyond the bounds of imagination. Her work is not just about depicting the cosmos; it is about celebrating its grandeur and the creative power that shapes it.

Eliora’s spiritual connection to her art is evident in every stroke. She views the sky as the most beautiful work of art. Through her paintings, she seeks to present representations of the cosmos as she envisions it, ever-evolving in its eternal magnificence. This vision is deeply personal and infused with her reverence for the Creator, whom she credits as the source of her inspiration.

The “Cosmosis” collection is more than an artistic endeavor; it is a celebration of the timeless beauty of the sky and a tribute to the majesty of the Almighty. Each canvas is a testament to the splendor of the universe, a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of the cosmos as seen through Eliora’s eyes. Her work invites viewers to marvel at the magic of the universe, to see the harmony in its chaos, and to appreciate the intricate beauty of its design.

Eliora’s journey as an artist began at a young age, guided by a profound sense of spirituality. She chose the name Eliora, meaning “God is my light,” as a reflection of her belief that her artistic talent is a gift from the Creator. This spiritual foundation permeates her work, imbuing each piece with a sense of wonder and reverence.

“Cosmosis” is a culmination of this journey, a collection that embodies the union of art and spirituality. Through her fluid acrylic pouring technique, Eliora creates works that are both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. Her paintings are not just about the aesthetic; they are about conveying a sense of awe and appreciation for the universe and its Creator.

In viewing the “Cosmosis” collection, one cannot help but be drawn into the vibrant energy and intricate beauty of Eliora’s work. Each painting is a window into the cosmos, a snapshot of the infinite dance of galaxies and stars. Through her art, Eliora invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, to see the universe through her eyes and to feel the profound connection between the cosmos and its Creator.

Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet’s “Cosmosis” collection is a tribute to the beauty and mystery of the universe, a celebration of the creative power that shapes it, and a testament to the spiritual journey of an artist who sees the world through a lens of awe and reverence. Her work is an invitation to explore the infinite possibilities of the cosmos, to appreciate the harmony of its design, and to marvel at the majesty of the Creator who inspires it all.

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Ann WILLIAMS (Art Journalist - The Art World Post - USA - 02/2024)

Eliora Bousquet, a French-listed professional abstract painter and illustrator, embarks on a journey through color, emotion, and the boundless realm of abstract art. Born in the quaint town of Angoulême, France, in 1970, Eliora’s artistic odyssey began in 2009. Her story, woven with celestial inspiration and a dedication to capturing the essence of the infinite, unfolds beneath the canvas of summer evenings and the twinkling embrace of starlit skies.

As a child, Eliora found herself enraptured by the cosmic ballet above. Beneath the celestial tapestry, bathed in the soft glow of starlight, she sat with her family, her father’s fingers strumming melodies on the guitar. It was on one such enchanted night, at the tender age of seven, that Eliora’s journey into the world of art took flight.

“Daddy, are these stars far away?” she inquired, her youthful wonder echoing into the night.

“Oh, yes! Very far away! They are in infinite space!” her father replied.

“What’s infinity?” she pressed, her curiosity ignited by the vastness of the universe.

“Infinity? …Well… when you get there, it’s still a little further away!” he chuckled.

Since that momentous night, Eliora has tirelessly committed the sky to canvas. Her collection, aptly titled ‘CELESTIAL VISIONS,’ is a testament to her vision—a realm untethered from earthly bounds, a kaleidoscope of iridescence and brilliance. With each brushstroke, she paints not the sky as it is, but as she envisions it—a celestial expanse belonging to all, yet bowing to no master.

In Eliora’s own words, “‘CELESTIAL VISIONS’ exists as an eternal sanctuary of divine beauty, a symphony of perfection and harmony, a liminal space between yesterday and tomorrow, where freedom finds its essence, and imagination takes flight.” It is a tribute to the inherent beauty of the cosmos, an invitation to marvel at the wonders that surround us and to safeguard their sanctity.

Her dedication to capturing the essence of the infinite extends beyond the confines of her studio. Eliora’s work serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who retain the innocence of a child’s soul, reminding us to pause, to admire, and to cherish the masterpiece that is the universe. Through her art, she invites us to embrace the beauty that surrounds us and to find solace in the boundless expanse of the cosmos.

In a world often fraught with chaos and uncertainty, Eliora’s paintings offer a moment of respite—a chance to gaze upon the heavens and to be reminded of the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe. With each stroke of her brush, she invites us to join her on a journey through the cosmos, where imagination knows no bounds and the possibilities are endless.

As we navigate the complexities of life, may we take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us - to find solace in the vastness of the universe and to marvel at the wonders that lie beyond. And in doing so, may we heed Eliora’s call to safeguard the sanctity of our celestial home, preserving its beauty for generations to come.

Eliora Bousquet’s art is more than just a visual feast - it is a testament to the power of imagination, a celebration of the infinite, and a reminder of the beauty that lies within us all. Through her paintings, she invites us to embrace the wonder of the cosmos and to find joy in the simple act of gazing upon the stars. So let us pause, if only for a moment, and allow ourselves to be swept away by the beauty of Eliora’s ‘CELESTIAL VISIONS.’

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Ann WILLIAMS (Art Journalist - Project High Art - USA - 09/2023)

"Eliora Bousquet, a French-listed professional abstract painter and illustrator affiliated with the ‘Maison des Artistes,’ has been creating art since 2009. Born in the picturesque town of Angoulême, France, in 1970, Eliora’s artistic journey is a remarkable odyssey through color, emotion, and the boundless realm of abstract art.

Eliora’s artistic odyssey began at the tender age of seven, where she first dipped her brush into the world of art. Her initial foray was into the realm of figurative subjects, encompassing landscapes, birds, flowers, and portraits. However, as she honed her craft, she found herself disconnecting from these ‘real’ subjects, delving deeper into the realm of abstract expression. Her focus shifted from the precision of brushwork and meticulous rendition of colors to the uncharted territories of imagination, dreams, freedom of expression, and, most importantly, emotion—elements she values above all else.

It was Claude Monet’s Impressionism that provided the bridge for Eliora’s natural transition into abstract painting. Over the years, she delved deeper into the intricacies of symbolic, expressionist, lyrical, and atmospheric abstract art. What truly captivates Eliora about abstraction is its innate ability to assume diverse meanings depending on the observer. This unique phenomenon, often referred to as “scotomization,” allows the mind to perceive what it wishes to see, rendering each artwork a personal and intimate experience. Eliora often remarks that no one remains passive in front of an abstract painting; they either ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ it, but the painting always provokes contemplation, leaving no one indifferent. It is this aspect that fascinates her most about abstract art – its power to compel us to experience a work rather than merely observe it, guiding us to perceive with our hearts and transcending the canvas itself.

Emotion, for Eliora, is the primary wellspring of inspiration. As Paul Cézanne aptly stated, “A work of art that does not originate from emotion cannot be deemed Art.” This quote resonates deeply with Eliora, as she believes that emotion is the life force that breathes vitality into her creations.

Eliora Bousquet’s paintings are an exquisite fusion of pure, vivid, and vibrant colors, characterized by a dynamic sense of movement. Her works showcase a distinct inclination towards the full spectrum of blues and greens, achieved through her relentless experimentation with various painting techniques, including acrylic, ink, and watercolor. Her application of paint varies, sometimes in a single, substantial layer, evident in collections like “Naturessences,” “Evanescence,” “Chromatic Fantasiae,” and “Poetic Fictions.” At other times, her paintings emerge through a sequence of delicate, gossamer-thin layers, as witnessed in “Celestial Visions” and “Renaissance.” The colors in Eliora’s work are never pre-selected; they flow naturally, guided by the emotions she intends to convey, the ambience she aims to establish, or even her state of mind at the inception of her creative process.

In Eliora’s hands, colors are not just pigments but a language unto themselves, each hue possessing its own unique meaning and vibration. She orchestrates her color combinations meticulously, crafting harmony and visual equilibrium in her compositions. Her paramount objective is to move her viewers, to instill in them a sense of wonder at the beauty of our world, all through paintings laden with numerous messages. Symbolism plays a significant role in her artworks, often drawing inspiration from literary sources, particularly 19th-century Romantic Poetry, mythologies, and ancient civilizations.

Eliora’s artistic process is a fascinating journey in itself. She has practiced meditation and creative visualization for many years, immersing herself in poetry and allowing classical or jazz music to envelop her senses for inspiration. Subsequently, she paints swiftly and spontaneously, capturing a photograph of a dream on canvas. While she harbors a clear vision of her artistic intent, she allows her heart and imagination to guide her without imposing control, always prioritizing emotion over technique. In this regard, she posits that she may belong to her works more than they belong to her.

Eliora’s body of work encompasses seven distinct collections, each akin to a trilogy where each piece references and inspires others. Understanding a single artwork often necessitates an exploration of the entire collection, unveiling clues to a captivating puzzle that Eliora occasionally perceives her artworks to be. With over 1,000 artworks to her credit, Eliora Bousquet has been a consistent participant in exhibitions worldwide, totaling over 190. Her artistry extends beyond the canvas, as she has transformed her paintings into a range of home decor products and fashion items, allowing her vision to reach a broader audience.

In a world where art often seeks to capture the tangible, Eliora Bousquet’s work reminds us that true art transcends the physical. Her paintings invite us to explore the boundless realm of emotion and imagination. Through her art, she beckons us to perceive with our hearts, to experience the beauty of the world in a way that is uniquely our own. Paul Cézanne’s words echo through her work, reminding us that emotion is the cornerstone of art, and Eliora Bousquet’s art is a testament to the enduring power of emotion in the world of abstract expression. Her vibrant canvases are not just paintings; they are portals to a world where emotion takes center stage, inviting us to join her on a journey through the ever-evolving landscape of abstract art."

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ANGELO RIBEZZI (Art Critic - Italy- 01/2022)

"Enciclopedia dei Contemporanei dell'Arte 2022"

"Artista professionista francese di grande talento e profonda sensibilità artistica, trae una intima ispirazione dalla poesia romantica e dalla musica classica e jazz, per riuscire ad esterorizzare magistralmente, pienamente ed intasamente le proprie emozione più recondite. Eliora Bousquet ci presenta un’opera straordinaria "L’effeto mare", un’opera astratta si potrebbe definire in quanto non rientrante nel figurativismo classico, ma in certo modo potrebbe essere una classificazione limitante, perché l’artista vuole fornirci una chiave interpretativa fornendoci il titolo che suggerisce quello che intendeva riportare, il suo effeto mare non è altro che l’essenza stessa del mare, di come lei lo sente, una magnifica e esplosione di onde e di shizzi, alternando colori caldi e freddi in questa sua fantastica pittura acrilica". 

'A professional French artist of great talent and deep artistic sensitivity, (Eliora Bousquet) draws intimate inspiration from romantic poetry and classical and jazz music, to masterfully externalize and fully express her deepest emotions. Eliora Bousquet presents us with an extraordinary work, 'L'effetto mare', an abstract work that could be defined as such because it does not fall into classic figurativism, but this could be a limiting classification, as the artist wants to provide us with an interpretative key by giving us the title that suggests what she intended to convey. Her 'effetto mare' is nothing but the essence of the sea itself, as she feels it, a magnificent explosion of waves and splashes, alternating warm and cold colors in this fantastic acrylic painting.'

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ROSANNA CHETTA (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 01/2022)

"1° Premio Art in the world 2022"

"Un'esplosione di pura creatività in grado di imprimere sulla tela, una narrazione cromatica che coinvolge i sensi in un mondo fantastico. Sfumature oniriche che appagano la vista e movimenti sinuosi capaci di smuovere l'animo vigile di colui che si sofferma, già al primo impatto." 

'An explosion of pure creativity capable of imprinting on canvas a chromatic narration that engages the senses in a fantastic world. Dreamlike nuances that satisfy the sight and sinuous movements capable of stirring the vigilant soul of the viewer, even at the first impact.An explosion of pure creativity capable of imprinting on canvas a chromatic narration that engages the senses in a fantastic world. Dreamlike nuances that satisfy the sight and sinuous movements capable of stirring the vigilant soul of the viewer, even at the first impact.'

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ROSANNA CHETTA (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 10/2021)

"Oscar della creativita 2021"

"Quando si oservano le opere di Eliora Bousquet, non si può fare a meno di rimanere catturati dalla cara cromatica che riempe le sue tele, squarciando ogni silenzio emotivo. Una danza gestuale, che si libera dalle sapienti mani di colei che nell' Arte ha trovato un modo per comunicare la sua innata spensieratezza creativa." 

'When observing the works of Eliora Bousquet, one cannot help but be captivated by the dear chromaticism that fills her canvases, tearing through every emotional silence. A gestural dance that is freed from the skilled hands of the one who has found in Art a way to communicate her innate creative carefree spirit.When observing the works of Eliora Bousquet, one cannot help but be captivated by the dear chromaticism that fills her canvases, tearing through every emotional silence. A gestural dance that is freed from the skilled hands of the one who has found in Art a way to communicate her innate creative carefree spirit.'

>>> Original document >>> Diplom and Trophy

ROSANNA CHETTA (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 06/2021)

"Critico Europeo per le arte visive 2021"// "Biennale d'Arte Città di Cesenatico"

"Una pittura significativa che evoca ricche visione cromatiche, con stesure di vorticose pennellate che definiscono la sua energia creativa. Quella di Eliora è un' arte che non lascia spazio a indugi, con l'istintiva gestualità che coinvolge nella ricerca di un linguaggio carico di pulsazioni emotive." 

'Eliora Bousquet's painting is meaningful, evoking rich chromatic visions with swirling brushstrokes that define her creative energy. Her art leaves no room for hesitation, with instinctive gesturality that engages in the pursuit of a language charged with emotional pulsations. Eliora Bousquet's painting is meaningful, evoking rich chromatic visions with swirling brushstrokes that define her creative energy. Her art leaves no room for hesitation, with instinctive gesturality that engages in the pursuit of a language charged with emotional pulsations.'

>>> Original document >>> Diploma and Trophy

ROSANNA CHETTA (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 03/2021)

"Mercurio d'oro per le arte visive 2021"

"Opere dal carattere immediate che culminano in un contesto ricco du sfaccettature artistiche, con spettacolari esplosioni di colore. Motivi eclettici in un piano cromatico danzante definito dalla gestualità decisa e corretta, mutevole negli accostamenti vibrati con energia e ricerca creativa." 

'Works characterized by immediacy that culminate in a rich context of artistic facets, with spectacular explosions of color. Eclectic motifs in a chromatic plane defined by decisive and accurate gesturality, ever-changing in combinations vibrated with energy and creative exploration.Works characterized by immediacy that culminate in a rich context of artistic facets, with spectacular explosions of color. Eclectic motifs in a chromatic plane defined by decisive and accurate gesturality, ever-changing in combinations vibrated with energy and creative exploration.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 03/2021)

"Biennale Venere di Botticelli per l'arte 2021"

"I segni e i colori coordinano e guidano tutti i suoi concetti espressivi per noter raggiungere l'essenzialità del suo linguaggio artistico. Una gestualità istintiva che rivela letture di profonde suggestioni cromatiche assorbite dal suo intimo movimento."

'The lines and colors coordinate and guide all of Eliora Bousquet's expressive concepts to ultimately reach the essential nature of her artistic language. Her instinctual gesturality reveals readings of profound chromatic suggestions absorbed from her inner movement.The lines and colors coordinate and guide all of Eliora Bousquet's expressive concepts to ultimately reach the essential nature of her artistic language. Her instinctual gesturality reveals readings of profound chromatic suggestions absorbed from her inner movement.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 09/2020)

"Palma d'oro per l'Arte 2020"

"L'esplosione cromatica si palesa con la sua gestualità, vibrante e coerente nella fusione del gesto e del colore. L'artista libera l'inconscio, e attravesa le fasi dell' invisibile istinto creativo, con l'impeto e la sinfonia dei suoi colori di poetica interiorità." 

'The chromatic explosion manifests itself through her gestural, vibrant and consistent brushstrokes that fuse gesture and color. The artist liberates her unconscious and goes through the stages of the invisible creative instinct with the impetus and symphony of her colors of poetic interiority.The chromatic explosion manifests itself through her gestural, vibrant and consistent brushstrokes that fuse gesture and color. The artist liberates her unconscious and goes through the stages of the invisible creative instinct with the impetus and symphony of her colors of poetic interiority.'

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Mouna Daimallah (Student in History of Art - France - 07/2020)

"À l’image d’une voile qui se promène dans l’immensité d’un espace vaste et aquatique, "Le souffle du zéphyr" est une œuvre qui explore l’infinité d’une palette de couleurs vives et dynamiques dont le rythme est produit par des mouvements à la fois doux et assourdissants.

C’est en jouant sur une fréquence du geste, une pulsion, une mobilité, que l’artiste Eliora Bousquet exprime une sorte de musicalité des couleurs, à travers une explosion de tons et de nuances qui, loin de se confronter, se fondent ensemble et s’harmonisent dans une eurythmie absolue.

Une légèreté presque lyrique survole l’ensemble de l’œuvre et plonge le spectateur dans une sérénité profonde, qui l’espace d’un court instant met en suspens tout repère temporel. Au-delà de la mise en place d’un langage par les couleurs, un dialogue visuel se créé par les interactions et les échanges avec la matière. A travers le travail des superpositions, écoulements et ondulations, émerge une symphonie qui prend vie et se propage dans chaque particule de peinture colorée.

Par ailleurs, le passage progressif du bleu au rouge crée une variation d’atmosphère, ce contraste de température apporte un équilibre constant entre chaleur et froideur. La trace de la couleur engendre alors peu à peu celle du temps, et invite le spectateur à être absorbé par les effets d’altération, de disparition et d’empreintes du corps matériel de l’œuvre.

Ainsi, "Le souffle du zéphyr" par sa dimension à la fois vaporeuse et aquatique nous permet de ressentir toute l’apesanteur et la frénésie qui se reflètent dans l’œuvre à travers un ouragan de couleurs qui coexistent au sein du tableau".

'Like a sail that wanders in the vast and aquatic expanse, 'Westwind' is a work that explores the infinity of a palette of lively and dynamic colors whose rhythm is produced by movements that are both soft and thunderous. By playing with the frequency of gesture, impulse, and mobility, artist Eliora Bousquet expresses a sort of musicality of colors through an explosion of tones and shades that, far from confronting each other, merge together and harmonize in absolute eurythmy.

A lightness that is almost lyrical hovers over the entire work and plunges the viewer into a deep serenity, which, for a brief moment, suspends all temporal reference. Beyond the establishment of a language through colors, a visual dialogue is created through interactions and exchanges with the material. Through the work of superimpositions, flows, and undulations, a symphony emerges that comes to life and spreads in every particle of colored paint.
Furthermore, the gradual transition from blue to red creates a variation of atmosphere, and this temperature contrast brings a constant balance between warmth and coldness. The trace of color gradually generates that of time, inviting the viewer to be absorbed by the effects of alteration, disappearance, and imprints of the material body of the work.

Thus, "Westwind" with its both vaporous and aquatic dimension, allows us to feel all the weightlessness and frenzy that are reflected in the work through a hurricane of colors that coexist within the painting.'

>>> Original document, published by Gallerist Dominique Rémond (Galerie Art & Miss - Paris)

MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy- 01/2020)

"1° Premio David di Donatello 2020"

"Operazioni e tracce cromatiche definite da pennellate, seguite da uno stile di gestualità intuitive, forgiate da un senso creativo, variato dalle forti cariche di espressività. La forza del colore disegna sfumature di vivace cromie che risaltano sugli sfondi, un gesto creativo che imprime profonde sensibilità e poetiche ispirazioni di ricerca emozionale." 

'Operations and chromatic traces defined by brushstrokes, followed by a style of intuitive gesturality, forged by a sense of creativity, varied by strong charges of expressiveness. The strength of color draws shades of vibrant hues that stand out on the backgrounds, a creative gesture that imprints deep sensitivity and poetic inspirations of emotional research.'

>>> Original document >>> Diploma and Trophy

Maria NIKOLA (Assistante Galeriste - France - 10/2019)

"Pour Eliora Bousquet la peinture est un langage à part entière qui se distingue des mots par sa totale liberté d’expression. L’artiste est une âme lyrique : c’est la poésie qui l’inspire et qui lui donne la passion des couleurs. Ses peintures sont submergées de couleurs vivantes. Son travail est caractérisé d’une force qui est liée à la tendresse et d’une violence qui surgit de la poésie.

La source de sa création est la fragilité continuelle qu’elle éprouve comme une force incontestable. Pour elle, la fragilité n’est rien d’autre que la vérité qui révèle en même temps sa profonde beauté. Ce sentiment se reflète également dans sa série "Renaissance". Celle-ci est propre à une éclosion d’une floraison énergétique.

En référence à sa période préférée de l’histoire qui était déterminée par la créativité et le renouveau, on perçoit qu’elle rêve d’un printemps éternel où l’espoir fleurit. Chaque tableau fait penser à une éclosion énergétique. On peut dire que sa passion pour la peinture et sa fascination pour les arts s’imposent à elle, c’est à dire sa détermination, sa façon de vivre. Ses peintures sont remplies de mouvements dynamiques et d’un jeu de couleurs.

Son travail évoque une métamorphose qui se nourrit de l’imprévisibilité de la vie. Selon l’artiste elle-même, il faut prendre soin de chaque instant comme d’une fleur fragile : le bonheur n’est fait que d’instants ; il faut rester vigilant et reconnaître l'espoir comme la source d’un pouvoir sage."

'For Eliora Bousquet, painting is a language in its own right that distinguishes itself from words through its total freedom of expression. The artist is a lyrical soul: it is poetry that inspires her and gives her a passion for colors. Her paintings are submerged in vivid colors. Her work is characterized by a strength that is linked to tenderness and a violence that emerges from poetry.

The source of her creation is the continual fragility that she experiences as an undeniable force. For her, fragility is nothing but truth that reveals its deep beauty at the same time. This feeling is also reflected in her series "Renaissance", which is characterized by an energetic blossoming.

In reference to her favorite period of history, which was determined by creativity and renewal, one perceives that she dreams of an eternal spring where hope flourishes. Each painting is reminiscent of an energetic blossoming. One could say that her passion for painting and her fascination for the arts impose themselves on her, that is, her determination, her way of life. Her paintings are filled with dynamic movements and a play of colors.

Her work evokes a metamorphosis that feeds on the unpredictability of life. According to the artist herself, one must take care of each moment like a fragile flower: happiness is made up of moments; one must remain vigilant and recognize hope as the source of wise power.'

OXANA ALBOT (Art Critic and Art Historian - Monaco Principaty - 09/2019)

"1° Grand Premio Montecarlo - Oscar della Creatività 2019"

"Capace di suscitare emozioni più disparate, l'arte di Eliora Bousquet diventa une lezione socratica dove l'artista, come un vero maestro del colore, suscita nello spettatore il desiderio di andare oltre. La spettacolarità della dansza dei colori rimanda all'universo fantasmagorico dell'arte impressionista, per toccare ancora una volta il cielo multicolore della vita umana con le mani."

'Able to elicit the most disparate emotions, Eliora Bousquet's art becomes a Socratic lesson where the artist, like a true master of color, inspires in the viewer the desire to go beyond. The spectacular dance of colors recalls the phantasmagorical universe of Impressionist art, to once again touch the multicolored sky of human life with one's hands.'

>>> Original document >>> Diploma and trophy

MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 08/2019)

"1° Premio Leonardo da Vinci 2019"

"Spontanee emozioni e vibranti tensioni spirituali, con tasselli di pittura informale, e molteplici possibilità di interpretare la sua opera. Il dialogo cromatico si ispira alle sue originali riflissioni pittoriche, evidenziando armonie e accostamenti che esaltano l'originalità del dipinto."

'Spontaneous emotions and vibrant spiritual tensions are conveyed through the pieces of informal painting, offering multiple possibilities for interpretation of Eliora Bousquet's work. The chromatic dialogue draws inspiration from her original painterly reflections, highlighting harmonies and combinations that enhance the uniqueness of the painting.'

>>> Original Document >>> Trophy and Diploma

MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 01/2019)

"1° Premio Creativity Award In The World 2019"

"Una gestuale fantasia, movimenta la stesura cromatica con indagini proiettate verso le infinite sollecitazioni della realta. Le modulazioni tonali offrono nun 'interpretazione geometrica e avvolgente, dilatando confini e stili per liberare un 'inedita percezione creativa." 

'A fanciful gesturality animates the chromatic application with inquiries projected towards the infinite solicitations of reality. The tonal modulations offer a geometric and enveloping interpretation, expanding boundaries and styles to release an unprecedented creative perception.'

>>> Original document >>> Diploma and Trophy

ELENA PICCHETTI (Art Critic - Italy - 08/2018)

 "1° Premio Gran Targa Leone di san Marco Venezia 2018"

"Artista particolarmente sensibile. Nelle sue opere prevale l'azzuro, sfumato dal blu cobalto al celeste, da verdi smeraldini, che si fondano nel giallo, l'amaranto ed il bianco. La sua pittura è intensa, vitale, affascinante per il senso di mistero che aleggia nelle atmosfere, dove si stempera il rigore costruttivo delle forme, e si intridono i sentimenti dell'animo, in una sublime inesauribile tensione verso i valori piu puri dell'exsistenza."

'A particularly sensitive artist, in her works blue prevails, ranging from cobalt blue to sky blue, mixed with emerald green, which blend into yellow, amaranth, and white. Her painting is intense, vital, and fascinating for the sense of mystery that hovers in the atmospheres, where the rigidity of the forms is softened, and the feelings of the soul blend in a sublime and inexhaustible tension towards the purest values of existence.'

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Group Exhibition 'Woman's Essence 2018' + Art Contest 'Woman Art Award 2018'

"She gets the passion for colors from the romantic poetry, which was followed by the desire for free expression that painting and drawing contain in themselves. The symbolism between words and images pervades her research and the creative act is necessity, ultimately is the common thread that permeates her work and her life. The color in its bright nuances creates a real and personal language, through which to seek answers to existential questions, bring back reflections born from a spiritual question. Looking through the art to this 'perfect plan' that is life, aimed at the investigation of new things to discover of an ancient time such as The Renaissance, which has laid the foundations for the future while maintaining that sense of mistery. All her research is pervaded by symbols that she seeks and brings back into her art. The birds with their stylised feathers, the sea, the boats, the golden spiral live in the pictorial space, leaving the spectator the task of deciphering them." 

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FLAVIO DE GREGORIO (Art Critic - Italy - 11/2017)

"International Art Contest Leone di San Marco 2017"

"Per qualità estetica e profondità emotiva, in visione degli elementi raffigurati e disposti cromaticamente e formalmente in linea esecutiva di sintesi figurativa ; la condizione dell'opera diviene essere moto dell'anima in reattiva energia con le dinamiche cognitive interiori che fanno di questo artista anche personaggio di valore internazionale." 

'For its aesthetic quality and emotional depth, in view of the elements depicted and arranged chromatically and formally in a line of figurative synthesis; the condition of the work becomes a motion of the soul in reactive energy with the internal cognitive dynamics that make this artist a figure of international value.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 10/2017)

"Oscar dell'Arte 2017" - Opera premiata : "Hortus Atlantis"

"Le tonalità assecondano il suo gesto pittorico, con brani espressivi e ben limitati nella sequenza cromatica dei suoi dialoghi creativi. Ogni sua opera ci siggestiona con l'autonomia del tratto tonale, dissoto e armonizzato da vibrazioni e delicate strutture coinvolgenti, in simbiosi con la sua ricerca di natura emotiva." 

'The tonalities follow her painterly gesture, with expressive and well-defined passages in the chromatic sequence of her creative dialogues. Each of her works suggests us with the autonomy of the tonal stroke, dissolved and harmonized by involving vibrations and delicate structures, in symbiosis with her search for emotional nature.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy 07/2017)

"Biennale per le arti visive Leone dei Dogi a Venezia 2017"

"Opere affascinanti e misteriose nella loro gestualità, programmata con fervida immaginazione espressiva, ci offrono grafie ritmate da trasparenti capacità di lettura. Espressioni di luce e di colore armonizzate fra loro, testimoni di emozioni evocative, sintetizzano la connessione artistica con la sua creatività." 

'Fascinating and mysterious works in their gesturality, programmed with fervent expressive imagination, offer us rhythmic graphies with transparent readability. Expressions of light and color harmonized with each other, witnesses of evocative emotions, synthesize the artistic connection with her creativity.'

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SANDRO SERRADIFALCO (Art Critic - Italy - 04/2017)

"Biennale Internazionale d'Arte del Mediterraneo - MeArt 2017"

"Eliora Bousquet possiede un'illimitata fantasia compositiva, che spazia nel cosmo, inebriata dal suo infinito silenzio. Pittrice di solido talento, si cimenta in narrazioni che in una prima analisi possono apparire inconsuete ma che decisamente sono ispirate da una cultura vasta e poliedrica. l'artista scrive con il pennello et con i colori vividi le rielaborazioni del suo amplio bagaglio culturale, muovendosi con agilità tra svariati concetti dimostrando una grande padronanza degli stessi e delle loro implicazioni. Ci incanta per la sua profondità di pensiero, e raffina in ogni sua nuova tela, la sua già valida tecnica pittorica creando così un universo immaginario che dal reale muove verso il transcendentale attingendo alla fonte della fantasia (.../...) Il suo lavoro possa essere testimonianza concreta dell'eccellenza artistica internazionale." 

'Eliora Bousquet possesses an unlimited compositional fantasy that ranges throughout the cosmos, enraptured by its infinite silence. A painter of solid talent, she engages in narrations that at first analysis may appear unusual, but which are undoubtedly inspired by a vast and multifaceted culture. The artist writes with the brush and with vivid colors the reworkings of her wide-ranging cultural baggage, moving with agility among various concepts and demonstrating a great mastery of them and their implications. She enchants us with her depth of thought and refines in every new canvas her already valid pictorial technique, thus creating an imaginary universe that moves from the real towards the transcendent, drawing from the source of fantasy (.../...) Her work can be concrete testimony to international artistic excellence.'

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PAOLO LEVI (Art Critic - Italy - 04/2017)

"Biennale Internazionale d'Arte del Mediterraneo - MeArt 2017"

"Abilità comunicativa che supera i confini visivi e da vita a creazioni armoniose portatrici du messagi universali. Un'arte che rivela la creatività dell'artista e le pulsioni intime del sio animo." 

'The artist's communicative skill transcends visual boundaries and gives life to harmonious creations that carry universal messages. An art that reveals the artist's creativity and intimate emotions.The artist's communicative skill transcends visual boundaries and gives life to harmonious creations that carry universal messages. An art that reveals the artist's creativity and intimate emotions.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Italy - 02/2017)

"Trofeo World Art Collection 2017"

"Un'espressione cromatica dai flussi emozionali, comunicati dalla sua gestualità e dai suoi stati d'animo. Il cromatismo caldo e ricco di energie, coinvolge ed irradia di luci e riflessi, con abile interpretazione della sua tecnica compositiva fatta di suggestive reazioni evocative." 

'An emotional flow of chromatic expression, conveyed through her gesturality and her moods. The warm and rich chromaticism involves and radiates with lights and reflections, with a skilled interpretation of her compositional technique made of suggestive evocative reactions.'

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SALVATORE RUSSO (Art Critic - Italy - 11/2016)

"The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016"

"Una pittura che unisce alla razionalità pittorica, quella di Eliora Bousquet. Una pittura che esalta la bellezza di colori brillanti e sempre forti. il segno si lega alla cromia fino a generare opere che hanno l'obiettivo di comunicare ciò che è celato. Opere dalla forte valenza simbolica." 

'Eliora Bousquet's painting unites to the rationality of painting. A painting that exalts the beauty of bright and always strong colors. The line is linked to the chromaticism, creating works that aim to communicate what is hidden. Works with a strong symbolic value.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Monaco Principaty - 09/2016)

"Premio Biennale Palma d'Oro per l'Arte 2016"

"La magia della sua pennellata coinvolge ogni tonalità nella descrizione dell'intuito, tradotto dalla intensa gestualità. Le specificate forme si afeguano alla sia richiesta espressiva, seguendo il movimento, come riflessi di energie comunicativa." 

'The magic of her brushstroke involves every tonality in the description of intuition, translated by intense gestuality. Specific forms adhere to her expressive demand, following the movement like reflections of communicative energies.'

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MARIAROSARIA BELGIOVINE (Art Critic and Curator - Monaco Principaty - 10/2015)

"Oscar dell' Arte Visive" - Principate di Monaco 2015"

"Una gestualità pittorica ricca di intense stesure materiche, vibra con intensi tratti di vivaci accostamenti, in una esplosione di radiosa energia. L'artista è simbolicamente attratta da ogni inconscia trasformazione visiva, nell'evocazione emotiva della sua intensa creatività."

'A painterly gesturality rich in intense material layers vibrates with vivid juxtapositions in an explosion of radiant energy. The artist is symbolically drawn to every unconscious visual transformation, in the emotional evocation of her intense creativity.'

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SANDRINE BARRÉ (Journalist - France - 08/2013)

Créa Magazine - August 2013

"Les couleurs palpitent et se chevauchent sur la toile en une magnifique envolée lyrique. Les tons chauds se mêlent au bleu turquoise et éclatent en volutes vives et gracieuses. Les graphismes semblent jaillir du coeur de l'artiste, sublimés par son authentique et inimitable coup de pinceau." 

'The colors pulsate and overlap on the canvas in a magnificent lyrical flight. Warm tones blend with turquoise blue and burst into lively and graceful spirals. The graphics seem to spring from the heart of the artist, sublimated by her authentic and inimitable brushstroke.'

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ANNA FRANCESCA BIONDOLILLO (Art Critic - Italy - 05/2013)

"Arte e Poesia" - Overart Magazine

"L'arte della pittrice Bousquet inizia sempre con un percoso di ricerca, soprattutto di indagine sull'espressione non figurativa. Le sue opere, nell'equilibrio raffinato delle masse di colore, sono restituite nell'atto di compiere un movimento: sono "fermate" dall'abile mano della pittrice con grazia e capacità tecnica." 

'The art of Painter Bousquet always begins with a journey of research, especially in the exploration of non-figurative expression. Her works, in the refined balance of color masses, are portrayed in the act of performing a movement: they are "stopped" by the skillful hand of the painter with grace and technical ability.'

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LETIZIA LANZAROTTI (Art Critic - Italy - 05/2013)

"Arte e Poesia" - Overart Magazine

"Affiorno freschi ricordi
Di palpiti fatti d'estate
Fontane che sgorgano rame
Colori lucenti di tracce.
Morbide et fluide le trame
Danzanti di scuri scompensi.
L'aspetto più blu dell'amore
Profondo infinito dei sensi."

'Fresh memories surround me
Of heartbeats in the summer
Fountains gushing copper
Colors gleaming with traces
Soft and fluid the weavings
Dancing in dark disarray
The bluest aspect of love
Deep infinite of the senses.'

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This global analysis concerns the artworks of the collection "Celestial Visions".

The classification provides four or more codes placed on four axis (A - formalism, B - matériality, C - involvement body/mind, D - communication). These codes are positionning the artist in the art history.

Artistic classification of the Artist Eliora Bousquet:
A190 - A290 - B180 - B170 - B230 - C120 - C160 - D110
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    When looking at the work, what type of formalisation first strikes the eye ? Is it more abstract or more figurative,... on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "realist"?
    > A190: Abstracts not constructed / informal mixed : between "Matter informalist", "Tachism" and "Action Painting"
    > A290: Figures Imaginary Visionary, mediumistic, fantasy
    How does the materiality of what is shown come across, on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "real"?
    > B180: Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities : mixed materiality : structured / unstructured when a work is "structured" in its "lack of structure", and vice versa (repetition of forms, signs, matter...)
    > B170: Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities : structured / unstructured combinations, free combinations of colour, matter and volumes in a more unstructured fashion
    > B230: Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities : Structuredstructured combinations any combinations of lines, colours, matter or volumes of a more structured type
    With what body/mind ratio does the artist enter into her work ? Classification from the most "intellectual" (e.g."Concept Art"...) to the most "physical" (e.g. "Body Art", ...)
    > C120: towards the intellectual side/ the essence of things, inward looking work chiefly oriented towards: projective dreams, poetry, lyricism,… to "project" an inner world
    > C160: tending towards the corporeal / the senses via expression with "humanity" (i.e. the passage from Life to Death)
    Does the artist have the deliberate intention to convey a message of any sort through her work? (classification from the most "mystical" to the most "worldly")
    > D110: via what is meant with various spiritual or less marked religious influences.

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