Past Exhibitions

"Give me a museum and I'll fill it!"
Pablo Picasso


  • 172 national and international exhibitions and other events (2.097 days of exhibition):
  • France:
    Group Exhibition "Abstract Art 2020", Group Exhibition "Woman Art 2020", Group Exhibition "Small Artworks - Winter 2019", Group Exhibition "A Passion For Asia", Group Exhibition "Art, The Artist and Passion", Group Exhibition "Abstract Art 2019", Group Exhibition "Small Artworks - Winter 2018", "International Group Exhibition 2018", Group Exhibition "Blue, blue, blue, dreams in blue", Group Exhibition "Talents Discoverer 2018", Contemporary Artfair "Expo4art Bordeaux 2017", "SNBA Art Fair 2017", Contemporary Art Biennial "Arts Atlantique 2017", "38th International Art Fair of Haute-Loire", Contemporary Art Fair "GMAC Bastille 2017", Group Exhibition "Woman's Essence Show", Ceremony of Awards "Woman Art Award 2017 dedicated to Berthe Morisot", "The Press Award 2017", "The Jury Award 2017", "SNBA Art Fair 2016", Contemporary Art Fair "Salon d'Automne 2016", Contemporary Art Fair "SIAC Marseille 2016", "The Press Award 2016", "The Jury Award 2016", "SNBA Art Fair 2015", Guest Artist of the "42nd regional art fair", "Contemporary Art Biennial of Boissy-St-Léger 2015", Solo Exhibition "Poetic Fictions 2" (2015), "The Press Award 2015", "The Jury Award 2015", "SNBA Art Fair 2014", Contemporary Art Fair "Art3G Bordeaux 2014", Contemporary Art Fair "Créativ'Art Toulouse 2013", "The European Academy of Arts International Art fair 2014", "The Press Award 2014", "The Jury Award 2014", "SNBA Art Fair 2013", "Autumn Contemporary Art Fair 2013", "SAM 13 Contemporary Art Fair", Solo Exhibition "Poetic Fictions 1", Contemporary Art Fair "Spring of Artists 2013", "The European Academy of Arts International Art fair 2013", Group Exhibition "The standing artists of the gallery 2013", "The Press Award 2013", "The Jury Award 2013", "Paris International Triennial of Contemporary Arts 2013", Group Exhibition "Encounters and Discoveries", "SNBA Art Fair 2012", "42nd Contemporary Art Fair Arts 19", Contemporary Art Fair "Art Shopping 2012", Group Exhibition "Artists Together", Open air group exhibition "Arabesques", Group Exhibition "Communic'Art", Group Exhibition "9 artists", "SAM 12 Contemporary Art Fair", "The European Academy of Arts International Art fair 2012", "SNBA Art Fair 2011", "41st Contemporary Art Fair Arts 19", Contemporary Art Biennial "Arts Atlantic 2011", Contemporary Art Fair "Business Art 2011", Group Exhibition "Talents Wake Up!", Group Exhibition "The Butterfly Operation", Solo exhibition "Showroom" (2011), Group Exhibition "The Spring of Chair Rails", Solo exhibition "Abstract Artworks 2011", "Grand Prize Argenson 2011", "The European Academy of Arts International Art fair 2011", Solo Exhibition "The Winged Message of Iris", "SNBA Art Fair 2010", Contemporary Art Fair "Art Shopping 2010", Solo Exhibition "Chromatic Fantasiae" (2010)
  • USA:
    "Los Angeles Art Show 2020", "Scope Miami 2019", "Artbox Project Miami 2.0" / "Art Basel Miami 2019", "Artexpo NY 2019", "Architectural Design Show 2019", "Los Angeles Art Show 2019", "Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2018", "Artexpo NY 2018", "Architectural Digest Design Show 2018", Contemporary Art Fair "Spectrum Miami 2018", Contemporary Art Fair "Artexpo NY 2017", "Architectural Digest Design Show 2017", Contemporary Art Fair "Spectrum Miami 2016", Contemporary Art Fair "Artexpo NY 2016", Contemporary Art Fair "Architectural Digest Design Show 2016", Contemporary Art Fair "Spectrum Miami 2015", "Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2015", "NY Fashion Week 2015", "Art Takes Time Square 2014", Group exhibition "Year in Review 2013", Group Exhibition "Creatives Rising", Group exhibition "The Story of The Creative", "Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2012", "Art Takes Times Square 2012", Group exhibition "International Artists at home and abroad", Group Exhibition "Abstract Art 2012", Contemporary Art Fair "Artexpo NY 2011"
  • Italy:
    Group Exhibition + Ceremony of Awards "1° Premio David di Donatello 2020", "Art Parma Fair 2019", "Florence Biennale 2019", Group Exhibition "Rinascimento Contemporaneo", Group Exhibition "Emozioni di Autunno", "1° Premio Leonardo da Vinci 2019", "3rd Biennale of Cesenatico", "1° Premio Contemporary Art Venezia 2019", Contemporary Artfair "Vernice Art Fair Forli 2019", Contemporary Artfair "Arte Genova 2019", Ceremony of Awards "International Prize Boticelli", Group Exhibition + Ceremony of awards "1° Premio Creativity Award 2019", Group Exhibition "Woman Art 3°", Group Exhibition + Ceremony of Awards "1° Premio Gran Targa Leone di San Marco Venezia 2018", Group Exhibition "Vox Animae 2018", Group Exhibition "Kunstmesse Dolomiten 2018 (2)", Ceremony of Awards "Leone dei Dogi a Venezia 2017", "Biennale d'Arte Peschiera del Garda", "International Biennale of Art of The Mediterranean Sea" (MeArt), Ceremony of Awards "International Prize Cristoforo Colombo Art Explorer", Ceremony of Awards "World Art Collection 2017", Ceremony of Awards "International Prize Galileo Galilei", Contemporary Art Fair "Artexpo Milano 2016", Group Exhibition "Segnalati Naples", "Art Biennial Riviera del Brenta 2016", Group Exhibition "L'umano e il divino nell'arte contemporanea", Group exhibition "Festival dell' amicizia", Group Exhibition "On The Edge"
  • Monaco Principaty:
    "Monaco Yacht Show 2019", Ceremony of Awards and Group Exhibition
    "1° Gran Premio Oscar della Creativita 2019", Ceremony of Awards "Oscar dell'Arte 2017", "Monaco Yacht Show 2017", Contemporary Art Fair "Art Monaco 2016", "Biennale Palma d'Oro per l'Arte 2016", Ceremony of Awards "Oscar dell'Arte 2015"
  • Canada/Quebec:
    Contemporary Art Fair "Toronto Art Expo 2012", Group Exhibition "I remember..."
  • Japan:
    "Tokyo International Art Fair 2018", Group Exhibition at Gallery Torre dos Cielos in Fukuoka, Group Exhibition at Nagoya Museum, Contemporary Art Fair "5th Fine Arts Festival"
  • Russia:
    Group Exhibition "Visionary Art 2018", "Russian Art Week 2016 - Spring Edition", Group Exhibition "Parisian Shades" at St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts
  • Ucrainia:
    Group Exhibition "We Contemporary 2017 - The Faces of Contemporary Art"
  • South Korea:
    Contemporary Art Fair "44° Artex Seoul 2017", "1st french-korean Fine Arts Festival", Contemporary Art Fair "Komas 2015", Group Exhibition "FRKR", Group Exhibition "A Korean-French Show"
  • The United Arab Emirates:
    "The Global Art Awards 2017"
  • United Kingdom:
    Group Exhibition in the London Underground, Group Exhibition "French Artists in London", "Oxford International Art Fair 2018"
  • Switzerland:
    Artbox.Project Zürich 1.0 // "Swiss Art Expo 2019" Art Fair, Contemporary Art Fair "Mag Montreux 2017", Contemporary Art Fair "Lugano Art Forum 2016"
  • Spain:
    Group Exhibition "Woman's Essence 2018" + "Woman's Art Award 2018", "Spanish-French Autumn Contemporary Art Fair 2013", Group Exhibition "Today's Masters"
  • Portugal:
    Group Exhibition "Art as Science Matters"
  • Germany:
    Group Exhibition at Gallery Gallery Kunstraub 99 in Köln
  • Austria:
    Group Exhibition "Kunstmesse Dolomiten 2018 (1)"
  • Belgium:
    Exhibition at Gallery Bog Art in Brussels
  • The Netherlands:
    Contemporary Art Fair "AAF Amsterdam 2017", "Amsterdam International Art Fair 2019"
  • Czech Republic:
    Group Exhibition "We Contemporary Prague 2019: The Faces of Contemporary Art"
  • Ukraine :
    Video Exhibition and official presentation of the art book "We Contemporary Prague 2019: The Faces of Contemporary Art"

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