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Elisabeth Eliora Bousquet answers your questions regarding her line of bags and fashion accessories. For more information, contact the artist!

What types of bags and accessories can we purchase from you?

  • Handbags in fabric with leather base and strap
  • Tote bags in fabric
  • Foldable fabric bags (with matching zippered storage pouches)
  • Studio bags
  • Fabric tote bags
  • Shoulder tote bags
  • Leather clutch bags
  • Fabric clutch bags
  • Basic backpacks
  • Premium backpacks
  • Drawstring backpacks (sailor bags)
  • .../...

Modèles de sacs pour femmes signés Eliora Bousquet

  • Fabric pouches
  • Travel pouches (3 models)
  • Protective handles for suitcases
  • Leather luggage tags
  • Acrylic luggage tags
  • Leather wallets
  • Nylon wallets
  • Leather card holders
  • Leather passport holders
  • Pocket umbrellas

What is the size of the leather pouches and are they printed on both sides?

The leather pouches (100% leather, both exterior and interior) measure 10 x 17.5 cm.

Only the front side is printed.

What is a "Studio Bag?

The term "Studio Bag" is the designation given by the manufacturer (VIDA).

It is an extremely lightweight bag that can be easily folded (similar to a "K-Way" jacket), making it convenient for travel, shopping, and sports activities that do not require carrying heavy equipment (such as dancing or swimming).

Its distinctive feature is that it has multiple interior and exterior pockets.

All sides of the bag are printed, and the interior is black (see photo below). It measures 38 x 38 cm with a wide shoulder strap of 30 cm and closes with a zipper."

Made of recycled polyester (100%), it is machine washable at low temperature.

Apart from the material used, what is the difference between the leather pouches and the fabric ones?

Both the leather and fabric pouches are the same size (10 x 17.5 cm). Both are printed only on the front, close with a zipper, and have a leather interior.

The difference (aside from the material: 100% leather or 100% cotton fabric) is that the fabric pouches have a wide leather shoulder strap and a leather handle on the back, allowing them to be carried by hand if desired.

Are your 2-tone tote bags printed on both sides and do they have a zipper closure?

The 2-tone tote bags are printed on both sides. However, upon request, I can customize this item in the following ways:

  • Print one of my paintings on the front and a solid color of your choice (black, white, blue, pink, etc.) on the back.
  • Print two of my paintings, one on the front and another on the back.
  • Regarding the closure, there is no zipper. If you prefer a zipper closure, I would recommend considering my range of handbags or pouches for women.

The 2-tone tote bags are made of polyester 100% and are dry-cleanable. They measure 40.5 x 40.5 cm with a strap length of 71 cm.

Pour information, les sacs fourre-tout sont fabriqués en polyester 100% et sont lavables à sec. Ils mesurent 40,5 x 40,5 cm avec une sangle de 71 cm.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Can the tote bags be closed with a zipper or snap buttons? And what are their sizes?

1) No, the tote bags do not have any closures. They are open-top bags.

2) There are three sizes available:

  • Small (33 x 33 cm)
  • Medium (41 x 41 cm)
  • Large (46 x 46 cm)

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Are the large handbags made of leather or fabric?

They are made of fabric, with printed designs on both sides. However, the base and handles are made of brown leather.

Please note that these handbags come with an interior zippered pocket.

Do the shoulder bags have interior pockets?

Yes, they have 3 interior pockets. They also come with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be customized to your preferred length (up to 110 cm).

Please note that these bags are printed on the front side only, while the back side is solid (either white or black, depending on the main colors of the reproduced paintings). However, I can also print them on both sides if you prefer.

Models of shoulder bags by Eliora Bousquet

Like the other tote bags, the shoulder bags are made of 100% polyester.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Do you make drawstring backpacks for children? Are they foldable?

The drawstring backpacks are available in one size (36.8 cm x 45.7 cm) and are suitable for both children and adults.

Made of 100% polyester, they are extremely lightweight and machine washable at low temperature. They are highly durable with reinforced edges. You can easily fold or roll them for storage.

Please note that only the front side is printed. The back side and the drawstring are black, while the eyelets are silver.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

What do you mean by "foldaway totes with pouches"?

These are shoulder bags made of 100% polyester, printed on both sides, that you can fold and store in the matching pouch provided. The pouches have a zipper closure and are a little over 10 cm in size.

This is very convenient for shopping, especially when unexpected, as it avoids the need to purchase an additional plastic or paper bag at the checkout. Additionally, these items are lightweight, highly durable, and machine washable at low temperature without the risk of fading.

Are your backpacks suitable for students? Are they sturdy enough for books and a laptop?

The "Premium" backpacks, made of 100% polyester canvas, are indeed suitable for students. They are very durable and spacious (43 x 31 x 12 cm) to accommodate books, pens, and even a laptop (up to 13.5 inches) in a dedicated pocket.

They also feature a large front zipper pocket to store a mobile phone, keys, and other essentials. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps ensure comfort, and there is an exterior mesh pocket where you can place a small water bottle or a folding umbrella, for example.

These backpacks are made to order. The price is €75 (excluding direct manufacturer delivery).

Do you have lightweight drawstring backpacks for men in your catalog?

Yes, I have posted photos of this bag on female models, but the bag is unisex (see photos below).

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Are your luggage tags made out of leather?

Yes, the "1" model of luggage tags is made out of leather and they are printed on both sides. They measure 10 cm x 5 cm, and one side has space for a tag with your contact information.

What is the difference between your luggage accent tags models besides the base material?

The leather luggage tags are more elegant and cost more than the acrylic tags. However, the acrylic tags are washable (and can be cleaned with hand sanitizers to counter COVID-19), whereas the leather tags are not washable. The acrylic tags are also highly durable and perfect for use by children or students.

Both models come with a tag holder where you can write your contact information (please note that the manufacturer is located in the USA, so the instructions on the tag are in English).

Below is the model made of acrylic:

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

What are "handle bag protections" used for?

Similar to luggage tags, these small travel accessories serve the main purpose of helping you easily identify your suitcases and other bags when traveling by plane (airport conveyor belts), train (cabins between cars), or bus (luggage compartments).

They easily wrap around the handles of your suitcases or the straps of your other bags, allowing you to group them together, and they close with a Velcro fastener. They are machine washable.

They are also referred to as "handle bag protectors" because once placed on the handle of your suitcase, which is often made of metal that can become very hot in summer or very cold in winter, these accessories act as thermal insulation and protect your hands. :-)

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

I came across a lady at the train station who had a suitcase depicting a painting by Claude Monet. Do you do the same thing with your artwork?

No, sorry. At least not at the moment. However, my range of merchandise is regularly updated... so feel free to revisit it ;-)

What are the sizes of the travel pouches?

There are three sizes available:

  • 10 x 15 cm
  • 15 x 24 cm
  • 21.5 x 31.5 cm

They can be used as pouches for mobile phones, credit cards, pencil cases, makeup bags, toiletry bags, etc.

Made of 100% polyester, they are cold washable. They are printed on both sides.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Are your umbrellas foldable?

Yes, our umbrellas are folding umbrellas, designed to be easily carried in your handbag or other luggage.

These umbrellas are made of 100% polyester and come with a matching case.

Please note that we do not offer large umbrellas of the "cane" type.

Are your passport holders made of leather? And do they match the handbags?

Yes, the passport holders are made of leather, just like the other leather goods in our collection, such as credit card holders, wallets, and lace-up journals.

Our entire range of products has been designed to allow you to coordinate and match all of your items. So, you can certainly order a passport holder that matches your handbag, as well as other items like a wallet or umbrella.

Are your nylon wallets only available in black?

The default model showcased in my store is black. However, when placing your online order on the manufacturer's website (ZAZZLE), you have the option to choose from 6 different colors:

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line


I would like to offer my mother a compact mirror, but she prefers round shapes. I don't see any in your store, but can I still order one?

Compact mirrors are only available in square, oval, and heart shapes in my store.

However, I can create a custom design in a round shape for you upon request. Just let me know the name of the painting you would like, and I will create the product for you within 48 hours at no additional cost.

Picto Plus d'informations Produits de la gamme "Peinture"

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

Do your compact mirrors include a pillbox?

No, they don't.

The compact mirrors are flat and include two mirrors. They are made of silver metal, measuring 7.6 cm x 6.6 cm, with a thickness of 0.7 cm.

What is the size of your basic key holders?

They are standard sizes.

The basic key holder is a round acrylic key ring with a plastic attachment and a silver metal ring (approximately 6 x 6 cm).

This model is water-resistant, making it easy to clean.

Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Painting" line
Picto Plus d'informations Products from the "Illustrations" line

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