"A true work of art can stand many seeings, revealing anew at each seeing." (John Marin)

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This global analysis of my artworks was written by French Art Critic and Art Historian Mr Francis PARENT, on the basis of my very first abstract collections.The classification provides four or more codes placed on four axis (A - formalism, B - matériality, C - involvement body/mind, D - communication). These codes are positionning the artist in the art history.

My classification : A190 - A290 - B180 - B170 - B230 - C120 - C160 - D110
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When looking at the work, what type of formalisation first strikes the eye ? Is it more abstract or more figurative,... on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "realist"?

  • A190: Abstracts not constructed / informal mixed : between "Matter informalist", "Tachism" and "Action Painting"
  • A290: Figures Imaginary Visionary, mediumistic, fantasy


How does the materiality of what is shown come across, on a scale from more "immaterial" to more "real"?

  • B180: Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities : mixed materiality : structured / unstructured when a work is "structured" in its "lack of structure", and vice versa (repetition of forms, signs, matter...)
  • B170: Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities : structured / unstructured combinations, free combinations of colour, matter and volumes in a more unstructured fashion
  • B230: Materiality in painting, but also with all other materials with the following possibilities : Structuredstructured combinations any combinations of lines, colours, matter or volumes of a more structured type


With what body/mind ratio does the artist enter into her work ? Classification from the most "intellectual" (e.g."Concept Art"...) to the most "physical" (e.g. "Body Art", ...)

  • C120: towards the intellectual side/ the essence of things, inward looking work chiefly oriented towards: projective dreams, poetry, lyricism,… to "project" an inner world
  • C160: tending towards the corporeal / the senses via expression with "humanity" (i.e. the passage from Life to Death)


Does the artist have the deliberate intention to convey a message of any sort through her work? (classification from the most "mystical" to the most "worldly")

  • D110: via what is meant with various spiritual or less marked religious influences.

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