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Mar 20, 1993

Hand-made hats

Evening Dresses

Mar 20, 1995

Drawings in colored pencil and felt pencils

Wedding Dresses

Mar 20, 1996

Drawings in colored pencil and felt pencils


Mar 20, 1997

Drawings in colored pencil and felt pencils


May 5, 1997

Drawings in felt pencils

Home Design

Sep 5, 1998

Drawings in felt pencils

Fashion Drawings

Mar 7, 2020

Fashion Drawings to paint or colour in crayon


an early passion for fashion

As a child, I wanted to become a Painter, a "Grand-Couturier" or a Novellist.

At 7, I made clothes for my "Barbie" dolls, painted watercolors and wrote poems.

As a teenager, while keeping on painting and writing, I started drawing women clothes and fashion accessories, including shoes and hats (2,000+ sketches).

At 23, I began making and sewings the clothes and accessories that I had designed: from 1993 to 1995, I created more than 250 models and organized about 20 fashion shows. My last one displayed a collection of 50 hand-made and painted models in tribute to my favorite painters (Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Degas, ...).

I also happened to work as a volunteer Costume Designer for a theater company.

At 28, I designed a collection of contemporary rugs for a parisian company and sketched the cover of the brochure of a Parisian event agency organizing fashion shows of young fashion creators.

In 2018, I designed a line of women clothes and fashion accessories as well as a range of interior decoration items derived from my paintings >>> More information on the pages "Have a HeART" and "Buy products online".

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The above drawings and creations date from before 1998. I will soon publish the sketches of my latest collections.


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