Chromatic Fantasiae

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Styles: Lyrical Abstract Art, Action Painting
Technique: Acrylic paint
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The story behind:

To me, painting is its own language that finds its form in the musicality of things, imposing its own rhythm, its own movement, chaining themes in cadence until reaching a certain harmony. Perhaps that's why the title of my collection nods to Jean-Sébastien Bach's 'Chromatic Fantasiae'… After all, can one put a flat note on comparing painting to music, when both can only exist through the use of a 'range of tones' harmoniously orchestrated? Moreover, don't we talk about 'lyrical' abstract art?

However, if my paintings could emit sounds, their music would have a more 'jazz' than classical side: it would be inventive, totally improvised around themes, largely instinctive though mastered, both soft, provocative, and unpredictable. They would also carry messages; a rather complex music, in short, although simple in appearance… because when one believes to see an image, guess a symbol, understand the meaning of the painting, it is turned, and there… other images appear; one never knows which themes will follow until the end of the melody, nor which color to assign to the played piece.

For colors to sound good together, they must vibrate, they must 'swing' on the canvas, like so many notes that land, chain, and agree on the score of life. If my painting mixes color with gesture in a 'raw', almost instinctive way, it is because it aims to be lively enough for all the senses to be in tune...


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